New Day Recovery Center,Inc. (NDRC,Inc.) is a private treatment facility that offers services to addiction( primarily to substance addiction), mental and behavior disorders and other psychological services. W e practice confidentiality to enhance safer atmosphere to our clients.


At New Day Recovery Center,Inc., we work with our clients and residents in a holistic manner in determining their specific treatment goals and eventually live a better and healthier life. With guidance and support, our clients learn how to put aside their fears, grief, resentments and shame, and discover the new hope a clean sober lifestyle offers. It is our goal to heal the body, mind and spirit through behavioral and lifestyle change, physical therapies, medical intervention and counseling to restore wellness as opposed to concentrating on illness.


Our professional therapist and other supporting personnel provide a various range of rehabilitative assessment and treatments for both in- patients and out- patients/residents with personal commitment and compassion. More so, the institution is well- equipped with materials and the facilities that are guaranteed to be conducive for rehabilitation and healing. These added assets would then reinforce our patients and residents in achieving their specific goal. In addition, NDRC also provides other services, which would cater to the other needs and concerns of regular people.



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